CoProStory: A Tangible Programming Tool for Children’s Collaboration

This paper is under review in 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative (CSCL 2019). Here is the abstract. Author: Xiaozhou Deng, Danli Wang, Qiao Jin n this paper, we present CoproStory, a collaborative tangible programming tool to support children learning programming. In recent years, many collaborative tangible programming tools were developed for children. Compared to the … Read more

TanCreator: A Tangible Tool for Children to Create Augmented Reality Games

This poster has been accepted in Ubicomp 2018 Author: Qiao Jin, Danli Wang, Fang Sun In this paper, we present TanCreator, a tangible authoring tool which facilitates children to create games based on Augmented Reality (AR) and sensor technologies. Combining AR elements and sensors in games bridges virtual world with realistic surroundings closely together, providing more … Read more

Learning Environment Based on Augmented Reality

Cubillo J, Martín S, Castro M, et al. A learning environment for augmented reality mobile learning[C]// Frontiers in Education Conference. IEEE, 2015:1-8. Juan C, Canu R. Augmented Reality Interactive Storytelling Systems Using Tangible Cubes for Edutainment[C]// Eighth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies. IEEE Computer Society, 2008:233-235. Mesia N S, Sanz C, Gorga G. … Read more

Papers Reading of Programming System

Heun V, Kasahara S, Maes P. Smarter objects: using AR technology to program physical objects and their interactions[C]// CHI ’13 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2013:961-966. Bouchard D, Daniels S. Tiles that talk: Tangible templates for networked objects[C]// International Conference on Tangible. ACM, 2015:197-200. Marco J, Cerezo E, Baldasarri S, et al. … Read more

Tangible Programming Tools for Children

i J, Demir A, Paradiso J A. Code Collage: Tangible Programming On Paper With Circuit Stickers[C]// CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM, 2017:1970-1977. Yashiro T, Harada Y, Mukaiyama K. Plugramming: A Tangible Programming Tool for Children’s Collaborative Learning[J]. 2017:398-409. Goyal S, Vijay R S, Monga C, et al. Code Bits: … Read more

AR Systems for Learning/Edutainment

Earth-Sun relationships Shelton B E, Hedley N R. Using augmented reality for teaching Earth-Sun relationships to undergraduate geography students[C]// Augmented Reality Toolkit, The First IEEE International Workshop. IEEE, 2002:8 pp. ARDental Folguera F, Juan M C, Herrero A, et al. Introducción a una nueva dimensión en la morfología dentaria: ARDental (Realidad Aumentada Dental)[J]. Gaceta Dental … Read more

MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming

This long paper is still in preparation. Here is the abstract. Author: Qiao Jin, Danli Wang Teaching children programming using tools based on TUI is an effective way to foster children’s computational thinking ability. MazeRobot is a tangible programming system designed for children of grades 1-3 with tangible input and output. Our system consists of three parts: a robot car, … Read more