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A Tangible Programming System for Children Based on Mobile Devices

With the development of mobile devices, mobile devices has been more reachable for children, so that children have a chance to learn and experience the programming process in the mobile devices. Programming for improving the children’s various abilities, including computational thinking, has extremely played an important role, and therefore subject …

Trajectory Design and Control Strategy Model for Chang’e-3 Lunar Probe

This paper won the second prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM 2014) Author:Qiao Jin, Zhenxiang Hao, Rui Yuan 本文根据嫦娥三号软着陆六个阶段的的实际情况,确立各阶段的不同目标,建立了各阶段的控制策略,属于优化问题中的多目标规划问题。根据天体物理和偏微分方程的相关知识,利用MATLAB 进行计算分析,得出了适用于类似本题情况的多目标优化问题中的求解全局最优解的算法,利用高程避险优化着陆区选择算法对着陆区进行选择,最后对影响制导精度的误差进行的判别与分析,对某些关键因素做了灵敏度分析。