I’m Qiao (Georgie) Jin

I am a first-year Computer Science PhD student from Grouplens Research Center at the University of Minnesota. I am luckily adviced by Prof. Lana Yarosh. My research interest broadly lies in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and currently interested in AR/VR/tangible interaction and social computing.

I'm Qiao (Georgie) Jin

My News

Feb 13th: I become a DIS reviewer!
Feb 3rd: I become an IDC reviewer!
Jan 13th: We make a submission in IDC'20!
Jan 10th: I become a CHI reviewer!
Dec 29th: My first book "Training Manual for Computational Thinking" was published by China Youth Publishing House!
Dec 18th: Completed my first Ph.D. semester!
Aug 28th: Luckily joined Grouplens family!
Jun 20th: Graduated from the Chinese Academy of Science! I have a master degree now!
Jun 10th: Our paper "MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming" was accepted by CHCI 2019!
Jun 3rd: Completed my master's defense!
April 25th: Our paper "CoProStory: A Tangible Programming System for Children’s Collaboration" was accepted by CSCL 2019!
Mar 13th: Our paper "ARCat: A tangible programming tool for DFS algorithm teaching" was accepted by IDC 2019!

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Publications and Manuscripts

[1] Qiao Jin, Yu Liu, Ye Yuan, Svetlana Yarosh, Evan Suma Rosenberg. VWorld: an Immersive VR Systemfor Learning Programming. In the 2020 ACM Conference on Human Factors in ComputingSystems (CHI’20)(LBW). Under Review.
[2] Qiao Jin, Danli Wang, Xiaozhou Deng. MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming. The 15th CCF Conference on China Human-Computer Interaction (CHCI’19)(Full Paper). [pdf]
[3] Qiao Jin, Danli Wang, Xiaozhou Deng, Nan Zheng, Steve Chiu. AR-Maze: A Tangible Programming Tool for Children Based on AR Technology. In the 2018 ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC’18)(WiP).[pdf]
[4] Qiao Jin, Danli Wang, Fang Sun. TanCreator: A Tangible Tool for Children to Create Augmented Reality Games. In the 2018 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp’18)(Poster).[pdf]
[5] Ze Li, Tingting Wang, Qiao Jin. Training Manual for Computational Thinking(Book). Beijing, ChinaYouth Publishing House, Jan. 2020.
[6] Xiaozhou Deng, Danli Wang, Qiao Jin. CoProStory: A Tangible Programming System for Children’s Collaboration. In the 13th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative (CSCL 2019)(Full Paper).[pdf]
[7] Xiaozhou Deng, Danli Wang, Qiao Jin. ARCat:A tangible programming tool for DFS algorithm teaching. In the 2019 ACM Interaction Design and Children Conference (IDC 2019)(WiP).[pdf]
[8] Xiaozhou Deng, Danli Wang, Qiao Jin. TLogic: A Tangible Programming Tool to Help Children Solve Problems. In the 12th International Conference on E-Learning and Games (Edutainment 2018)(Full Paper).[pdf]
[9] Saba Kawas, Ye Yuan, Akeiylah DeWitt, Qiao Jin, Susanne Kirchner, Abigail Bilger, Ethan Grantham, Julie A. Kientz, Andrea Tartaro, Svetlana Yarosh. Another Decade of IDC Research: Examining andReflecting on Values and Ethics . In the 2020 ACM Interaction Design and ChildrenConference (IDC’20)(Full Paper). Under Review.

Patents and Copyrights

[1] Danli Wang, Qiao Jin, Xiaozhou Deng, A Tangible Programming Tool Based on AR Technology, 2017.12.18, China, 201711381394X (Patent)
[2] Danli Wang, Xiaozhou Deng, Qiao Jin, A Tangible Programming System for Childrens Collaboration,2017.12.18, China, 2017113813653 (Patent)
[3] Qiao Jin, Jingda Yang, Yuan Xin, Qingchun Wang, Weisheng Kong, A Landscape Precise Navigation System, 2015.01.05, China, 2015SR089429 (Copyright)
[4] Danli Wang, Qiao Jin, A Tangible Programming System for Children based on Android, 2019.02.18, China, 2018R11L1373431 (Copyright)

Selected Awards and Honors

Outstanding Student of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences 2017 – 2019
National Scholarship 2018 (Highest level of scholarship set by the government of China)
UbiComp 2018 Student Travel Grant 2018
Outstanding Graduates of Shandong Province 2016 (Highest honor for graduate set by the government of Shandong)
The Chinese Computer Federation (CCF) Outstanding Undergraduate Award 2015 (Top 100 students in all junior and senior years of computer science undergraduate in China)
Dean Scholarship 2015 (Top 10 of all grades in computer science department)
The First Class Scholarship of Shandong University 2014 – 2015
Outstanding Student Leaders of Shandong University 2013 – 2015
Shandong University’s 10 Most Influential Student 2015 (Top 10 of all students in Shandong University)
The First Prize in Undergraduate Scientific and Technological Innovation Project 2015
The First Prize in Mathematical Contest in Modeling of Shandong University 2015
Honorable Mention in the Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM) 2015
The Second Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) 2014 (Top 5.7% of more than 25,000 teams)
The First Prize in Qilu Software Design Competition 2014 (Top 10% of 469 teams)


Academic Service

Student volunteer of UbiComp/ISWC in Singapore.


Teaching Experience

Taught scientific innovation practice class in Beijing 35th Middle School.


Extracurricular Activities

Enjoy singing, playing zither and


See My Curriculum Vitae

If you are interested in my research experience, please click here to see my curriculum vitae