Apr 15, 2023: Two papers were accepted by IDC 2023 WIP.

Jan 15, 2023: Two first-author papers were accepted by CHI 2023.

Oct 8, 2022: Our work “Be a Lighting programmer”: Supporting Children Collaborative Learning through Tangible Programming System” was accepted by IJHCI.

May 3, 2022: Presented our Educational VR work in CHI 2022, New Orleans.

Feb 10, 2022: Our work “How Will VR Enter University Classrooms? Multi-stakeholders Investigation of VR in Higher Education” was accepted by CHI 2022.

Aug 20, 2021: Our work “MoMoBot: Social Robots for Remote Communication” got Best Toio Award in UIST’21 SIC.

June 26, 2021: Present the position paper “Playing for Real: Opportunities of Using AR to Empower the Remote Playing for Distributed Family” in IDC’21 Smart Toys workshop.

Apr 27, 2020: Our paper “VWorld: an Immersive VR System for Learning Programming” was accepted by IDC 2020.

Mar 23rd, 2020: Our paper “Another Decade of IDC Research: Examining and Reflecting on Values and Ethics” was accepted by IDC 2020!

Feb 29th, 2020: Two CHI workshop papers were accepted! See you in Hawaii!

Dec 29th, 2019: My first book “Training Manual for Computational Thinking” was published by China Youth Publishing House!

Dec 18th, 2019: Completed my first Ph.D. semester!

Sep 9th, 2019: Our paper “MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming” was presented in CHCI 2019!

Aug 28th, 2019: Luckily join Grouplens family!

Jun 20th, 2019: Graduated from the Chinese Academy of Science! I have a master degree now!

Jun 10th, 2019: Our paper “MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming” was accepted by CHCI 2019!

Jun 3rd, 2019: Completed my master’s defense!

April 25th, 2019: Our paper “CoProStory: A Tangible Programming System for Children’s Collaboration” was accepted by CSCL 2019!

Mar 13th, 2019: Our paper “ARCat: A tangible programming tool for DFS algorithm teaching” was accepted by IDC 2019!