Volumivive: An Authoring System for Adding Interactivity to Volumetric Video

Volumetric video is a medium that captures the three-dimensional (3D) shape and movement of real-life objects or people. However, pre-recorded volumetric video is limited in terms of interactivity. We introduce a novel authoring system called Volumivive, which enables the creation of interactive experiences using volumetric video, enhancing the dynamic capabilities and interactivity of the medium. … Read more

MagicCloth: Protect User Privacy in AR Streaming

With the growing number of users, Augmented Reality (AR) privacy issues have aroused researchers’ concerns. Our work focuses on the protection of privacy-sensitive objects in indoor settings. We proposed a novel privacy protection mechanism MagicCloth for AR live streaming. When the user covers the privacy-sensitive object with a specially designed cloth, MagicCloth can accurately track … Read more

EK-Chess: Chess learning System Based on Top-Level Chess Expert Knowledge Graph

Chess, as a form of intellectual sport, has garnered significant attention from researchers, driving continuous research into computer-assisted player training. However, contemporary teaching or training models frequently confine learners to passive observation of computer-generated results. Beginners may find it challenging to comprehend the cognitive processes underlying decision-making. To address this issue, this paper proposes EK-Chess, … Read more