Exploring Embodied Approaches for Large Age Gap Sibling Communication through Technology Probes

Large age differences and geographic distance between siblings can often hinder the development of close relationships, as they may have different social circles and schedules. Younger siblings may also have limited access to digital technology, which can further complicate communication and interaction between them. In this paper, we developed two technology probes, Haptic Bubble and … Read more

A wearable device for treatment for the voice disorder spasmodic dysphonia

Spasmodic dysphonia (SD) is a voice disorder that leads to strained or choked speech. SD is unresponsive to speech therapy. currently, the primary treatment is Botulinum toxin injection that provides temporary symptom relief. The preliminary work showed that voice quality in SD improves when vibrotactile stimulation (VTS) is applied to the larynx as a form of non-invasive … Read more

MoMoBot: Social Robots for Remote Communication

Social connections are known to have a long-term positive impact on human health and well-being. Strong social connections can help reduce loneliness and lead to an increased chance of longevity. Friends and family play an important role in people’s social life, as they provide a variety of support through shared activities and companionship. However, for … Read more

MazeRobot: A Tangible Embedded System to Help Children Learn Programming

Teaching children programming using tools based on Tangible User Interface (TUI) is an effective way to foster children’s computational thinking ability. MazeRobot is a tangible programming system designed for children of grades 1-3 with tangible input and output. Our system consists of three parts: a robot car, programming blocks and a map with some manipulatives. … Read more

Smart Home prototype

This prototype of Smart Home is designed for the Intelligent Science Laboratory of Beijing 35th Middle School. The Smart Home prototype (in sand table) includes a sleep pattern detection module, automatic watering module, solar supply module, and related mobile app.

CoProStory: A Tangible Programming Tool for Children’s Collaboration

In this paper, we present CoproStory, a collaborative tangible programming tool to support children learning programming. In recent years, many collaborative tangible programming tools were developed for children. Compared to the other tools, Sync Blocks which were designed to coordinate children’s programming were used in our tool. The tool consists of two parts: tangible programming blocks and game tasks. … Read more

TanCreator: A Tangible Tool for Children to Create Augmented Reality Games

In this paper, we present TanCreator, a tangible authoring tool which facilitates children to create games based on Augmented Reality (AR) and sensor technologies. Combining AR elements and sensors in games bridges virtual world with realistic surroundings closely together, providing more joyful and intuitive creating experiment for children. Children could boost their creativity via creating … Read more